Frostfutter Perleberg

High-quality dog food from our shop floor

In November 2012, Frostfutter Perleberg, the largest own brand of K&K Petfood GmbH was brought into being. Since then, high-quality BARF meat, dried chews and gently cooked premium canned food have been produced, packaged and shipped from Perleberg in compliance with the strictest EU requirements. We don’t use any unnecessary additives and place great value on a gentle and nutrient-preserving production process.

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Premium food for cats and small dogs

K&K Petfood GmbH has had a second own-brand product in addition to Frostfutter Perleberg since February 2015: eBarf. High-quality BARF products are on offer to consumers in a modern online shop there too, but with a different focus. The eBarf products are primarily aimed at cat owners and small dog owners. This is reflected in the smaller packaging sizes for one thing. For another thing, eBarf offers complete raw and cooked menus for cats that meet 100% of your pet’s needs and are species-appropriate. A product which is unique in this form on the large market for pet food.

High-quality dog food from our shop floor

As a complete food, the Fix-BARF® menus provide the perfect combination of meat and nutritional supplements to provide cats with optimal nutrition.

Best raw ingredients from the region

The meat for BARF food comes from meat products intended for human consumption. There is no question of slaughterhouse waste here. Rather, only high-quality raw ingredients are used to produce the dog and cat food. Unique product freshness can also be guaranteed thanks to in-house production on the premises of Schlachtbetrieb GmbH Perleberg. Part of the range of products is even offered in organic quality.