Kauf Dein Steak

Top quality from a private slaughterhouse

As an own brand of Schlachtbetrieb GmbH Perleberg, Kauf Dein Steak stands for high-quality meat and sausage products from our private slaughterhouse. The meat will win people over thanks to its extremely high level of freshness and quality. Selected straight from the slaughterhouse, it is either processed directly or stored in special dry aging chambers to mature.

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Modern online shop

From slaughtering through marketing in our own online shop, you can get everything from one place at Schlachtbetrieb GmbH Perleberg.

The consumer is presented with a variety of steaks and classic beef and calf products on the modern Kauf Dein Steak website. The customer can choose from well-known cuts like rib-eye, fillet and rump steaks, or discover one or two insider tips such as hanging tenders or brisket beef. The meat is aroma-sealed and cooled in an insulated polystyrene box with a covering box and shipped to the customer straight from the shop floor.

The dry-aging process

During the so-called dry-aging process, the meat is stored in specially created chambers at 3°C and 80% air humidity for three to six weeks until it has matured the desired amount. This gives the meat an unadulterated, very aromatic taste and special tenderness.