Best farm cheese

From cows reared in a species-appropriate way

Made from the milk of the dairy cows of Milchhof Am Recknitztal e.G., Ostseekaas is a project which Pieter Maas himself was instrumental in driving forward. The aim was not only to bring a high-quality product onto the market, but above all to strengthen the appreciation for cheese as a product and for dairy cows.

For this reason, the best cheesemakers, found in – where else – the Netherlands, were chosen to process the milk. The milk is processed into a special gouda farm cheese by the Swiss cheesemaker Robert Scheuer in a small Dutch village. What’s noteworthy about the production process for this cheese is that the milk is only gently thermised and not pasteurised, meaning that important nutrients are retained. The cheese is then stored on wooden boards where it can mature in peace until it is sold.

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Ostseekaas gouda farm cheese

In the Ostseekaas gouda farm cheese from sustainable, promising farming, in which animal welfare is top priority, a product has been created that is not only convincing in terms of its quality and taste, but also in terms of its origin.

Young gouda
  • OSTSEEKAAS farm cheese
  • Matured for 4-8 weeks
  • Mild in taste
  • Particularly creamy
Extra matured gouda
  • OSTSEEKAAS farm cheese
  • Matured for 7-9 months
  • Aromatic in taste
  • Creamy
Very old gouda
  • OSTSEEKAAS farm cheese
  • Matured for more than 12 months
  • Strong in taste
  • Firm consistency

Gouda from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

I personally am a great lover of cheese and am therefore all the more delighted to have been given the opportunity to produce my own cheese. – Pieter Maat